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Alcohols Aldehydes Alkanes Alkenes Alkynes
Amides Amines Aromatics Esters Ethers
Halogenated Compounds Ketones Nitro Compounds Phenols
II. Molecular Type or Origin:
Acids (Organic) Chiral Molecules Cyclic Molecules (Non-Aromatic) Flavours/Aromas
Natural Products Drugs Poisons Molecular Fragments (short topics)
III. Indexes:
Formula Index (large file).
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The Molecular Model files in .pdb, .mol or .xyz format are copyright 1995-2005 by Dave Woodcock.


The models are intended for use where exact interatomic distances and conformations (as might be determined by X-ray analysis for example) are not required. Mainly aimed at beginning students in organic chemistry as educational aids and in tutorials on this site.

I used a commercial programme to obtain x,y,z coordinates and convert these into the pbd format by first using the format interconversion programme, Babel, then using a Perl script followed by hand editing to produce the final pdb file.

pdb files are viewed using Jmol molecular viewer (requires Java), though the individual PDB files may be downloaded to use any stand-alone viewer such as Rasmol

Other sources of molecular models and images.

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