Basic Organic Nomenclature

An Introduction

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5. Functional Groups
with Suffix or Prefix

VI Alkanamides


Atomic grouping
Position in chainonly at
end of chain
General formula CnH2n+1NO
Common family name amide


  • Since the suffix (-amide) has an initial vowel, the terminal -e of the alkane name is dropped before the suffix is added.

  • The carbonyl group in tha alkanamide family is always at the end of a carbon chain and as such is always position 1. As with the alkanals, the locant (1) is omitted.

    pentanamide, NOT pentan-1-amide.

    Examples :

    StructureIUPAC NameModel
    methanamide (aka formamide)
    ethanamide (aka acetamide)

    As in the case of the alkanamines, the two hydrogens on the nitrogen may be replaced by carbon residues without radically changing the chemical nature of the compound. Thus the family alkanamide contains the N- substituted compounds in addition to C-substituted compounds. The locant, N, is used to indicate a substituting group on the nitrogen atom.

    StructureIUPAC NameModel
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